Covid-19 Updates

Updated: October 23, 2020

Worship Services have opened backup for in person worship.  Currently, we are only meeting in person once per week at the building.  Sunday Morning Worship - 11 AM

Current Worship Procedures

  • Mask Required Upon Entry.  If you do not have a Mask, we have masks located in the foyer as you walk into our building.

  • Masks must be worn at all times while inside the building, unless you are speaking at the podium.  The podium is more than 10 feet from any individual

  • Every other Pew is closed off to ensure social distancing.  The expectation is that families sit together.

  • For any that would like disposal gloves, we have those available in the front foyer.  They are not required during the assembly.   

  • Hand sanitizer can also be found in the front foyer.

The Lord's Supper

  • The Lord's Supper are currently prepackaged communion cups.  They are handed out as you enter/ are seated by one individual that wears disposal gloves during the preparation/ hand off.


  • For those that would like to give, the collection plate is left in the back foyer and your collection can be dropped off as you exit.